Helleuo Little Monsters!

Join me in my experience as Virgin Mobile’s International Little Monster Blogger.
It was insane from beginning to end and *pinch me* I still cannot believe it all actually happened.

The Monsterball in Newark was even more magical than the ones I went to in Holland. Every monster I met looked fierce and ready to rock. Even those brief encounters we captured on film were so inspiring. We are all superstars. I sure felt like one :)

As promised I brought tons of stroopwafels (a Dutch cookie), 13 pounds of them ;) which were happily accepted by the Virgin Mobile peepz. Gaga’s Dutch bodyguard Peter (“back up and turn around…hands on the ground”) even came up to me to personally thank me for them ♥
I also tried to stay cool and collected when I met Gaga’s chef (thank you for the grilled meat, it was yum!), physician, dancers and finally Mother Mons†er herself ….She was just like I thought she would be. When we had our short little moment I felt completely relaxed, like I’ve known her for years. 

It was the best time of my life and not just because I met Gaga ;)
I met the most fun and inpiring people and experience The Monsterball one last time with my best friend, a beer in one hand and my paw up in the air.

Thank you all for believing in me! May your dreams also become reality :)

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Dutch Monster Blogger signing off….


Here it is folks, the official last video of the tour. There will never be another Monster Ball and that makes me so sad and confused on the inside. But also, as most of the monsters told me in Cleveland, there’s no reason to be sad, what ever Gaga has in store for the future is going to be beyond amazing. 

I hope to see you all again soon! Monster Love to the Monster Family I never knew I needed. I love you guys. HEART.

Hi, my name is Tyler, and you should watch this if you want to A. see my cute face and B. hear me talk about the Monster Ball.

-Tyler, Guest Blogger, Nashville

I also have a bunch of Gaga covers (both a cappella and accompanied) up on my YouTube channel, so check those out, too!

There’s just something about, YOU AND I LITTLE MONSTERS, you and I, you and I, you you and I, I’d rather die, without you and I


We had some fun last night.

Goodbye bus :(

Found some angels tryna creep on our warehouse loud out


The floor beneath you in general admission shakes with the pulse of speakers and the stomping of feet belonging to eager fans.  People standing who have waited anywhere from 6 to 10 in the morning to grab these spots, once disoriented from exhaustion, spring to life. 

The lights are off, the screen covering the stage is streaked with a grid of green laser lights, and the first few notes of “Dance in the Dark” wash over the screeching crowd like an ocean of purifying water. Though the concert’s upcoming storyline depicts a magical, nonfictional journey to the Monster Ball reminiscent of a Broadway show, this opening number is a sign to the fans that they’ve finally made it to see the one and only, Lady Gaga.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me to be the Uniondale Little Local Monster Blogger and to those who made it happen! Please visit my special blog I set up with journal entries (including the full article the above excerpt is from), photos & bonus video of this adventure HERE and follow on Twitter HERE. Paws up & go buy “Born This Way” when it’s out! 

AMANDA, Guest Blogger, Uniondale